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Hora de Cancún -
GPS 021o. 12'210" N / 086o. 48'111" W

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Mexico: 01 800 501 3030
Cancun: 019 988 801070
USA/Canada: 18 577 866 732
Europe/South America: 00 800 8120 8120


Our Full Service Marina is an official "Port of Entry", thus we can help you process the immigration and customs paperwork. Whether you come for the Great Sail fishing, diving, our culture or just sailing thru our beautiful beaches at Marina Hacienda del Mar will make your stay a breeze.

Please bring the following DOCUMENTS ABOARD, so that we can assist you with your arrival & dispatch:

  • Dispatch from US Customs (Clearance Statement - Form 1300)
  • Boat Registry or Documentation Certificate
  • Vessel Insurance
  • Captain License
  • Passports


  • Make sure documents are not expired and are legible
  • Mexican Law does not allow anyone to carry weapons on board, you don’t need them while in Mexico, so please leave them at home
  • On January 8, 2007, the US Department of state will require US Citizens (including children) traveling via air to present a valid passport for travel and re-entry into the US. That means you will have to have a passport during your visit to Cancun.

Regulations - Immigration Law.

  • Article 47. Shipping companies, shipping agencies and shipping agents, captains of private vessels will have a further obligations under Article 42 of this Regulation, the following :
    • Electronically transmit to the Immigration Institute information concerning arrivals and departures of ships in the terms provided in this Regulation.
    • In case of arrival, the consignment will be made Twenty-four hours prior to the arrival. Departures; the period will be eight hours prior to departure.