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Hora de Cancún -
GPS 021o. 12'210" N / 086o. 48'111" W

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Mexico: 01 800 501 3030
Cancun: 019 988 801070
USA/Canada: 18 577 866 732
Europe/South America: 00 800 8120 8120


From ruins to riches. Cancun has it all, offering an exotic, tropical island setting buoyed by modern comforts and conveniences. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a site better endowed with natural, cultural, and man-made attractions. Technically an island, Cancun’s resort zone is a 22.5-km-long slender ribbon of sand, shaped like the number seven.

Its stunning beaches must be seen to be believed: silky smooth, sugar-white sand, lapped by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Cancun succeeds in combining the best of Mexico and the Caribbean into one package.

Lying only one hour away from Cancun, Playa del Carmen does not only offer natural marvels like blue turquoise waters and white powdery shores, but also restaurants, bars and magnificent resorts such as Mistik Residence Club and Aldea Thai, two of the newest properties that embellish Playa del Carmen nowadays.

Swimming With The Whale Shark

Can you picture yourself diving with the whale shark in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea? We will take you in an amazing tour to discover the whale shark in the warm and rich waters that surround Cancun, Holbox and Contoy island, the areas where you can easily spot whale sharks. Swim side by side with these creatures, the largest fish on Earth. Even though whale sharks can be even 13 meters long, they can’t be more harmless so don’t miss this opportunity to admire these friendly animals up close.    More


The catamaran boat is a sport which consists of a platform and two elongated roller-shaped hulls, and that is driven by motor or sail. It is ideal for sailing with family and friends because it offers a much wider space than other boats and their main benefit stability, speed and comfort.

Come and enjoy our catamarans and passes a unique adventure!