Marina Hacienda del Mar welcomes you into Mexico!

Additional to our American-style docking facilities and services, we are an official port of entry with a strategic location between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Experience an expedite immigration process and enjoy the most of the Mexican Caribbean coast.

If you would like to enter Mexico through us, please bring the following documents aboard:

  • Dispatch from US Customs (Clearance statement – Form 1300)
  • Boat Registry or Documentation Certificate
  • Vessel Insurance
  • Captain License
  • Passports


Make sure documents are not expired and are legible.

Mexican Law does not allow anyone to carry weapons. You don’t need them while in Mexico, so please leave them at home.

The US Department of State will require US Citizens (including children) traveling via air to present a valid passport for travel and re-entry into the US. That means you will have to have a passport during your visit to Cancun.


Article 47. Shipping companies, agencies and agents, captains of private vessels will have a further obligations under Article 42 of this Regulation, the following :

Electronically transmit to the Immigration Institute information concerning arrivals and departures of ships in the terms provided in this Regulation.

In case of arrival, the consignment will be made Twenty-four hours prior to the arrival. Departures: the period will be eight hours prior to departure.


Five authorities intervene in the arrival of a boat:

Public Health

International maritime laws allow the doctor that represents the Department of International Health to be the first authority that goes on a boat to verify that those entering the country are in good health.


The Migration Department is responsible for facilitating o denying entry to Mexico to all the people on board, including the crew.


The Customs Department is the authority in charge of verifying that yachts and other commercial vessels are not entering merchandise into the country; therefore, an inspection is made to all vessels and, under protest of saying, they state that the vessel is for private use and does not carry any type of cargo classified as hazardous materials, firearms, drugs or controlled medicines among others.

National Service of Health, Safety and Food Quality.

This department is responsible for verifying that all kinds of food, animals, plants and other products that are not allowed or are controlled, are not taken into the country. To this purpose, an inspection of all the vessels that go into the national port is made.

Port Captainship

Once all authorities finish inspecting the vessel, all documents are taken to the port captaincy to allow admission to the vessel.


1) This regulation is obligatory for all owners and guests of the boats docking at Marina Hacienda del Mar.

2) No customer may modify the facilities, constructions and/or equipment of the marina.

3) The marina reserves the right to admit a boat for not being properly documented (all foreign boats should have a registration certificate) or because its characteristics are not appropriate to provide the service in order to comply with pollution prevention measures.

4) All docking slots will be assigned exclusively by the marina.

5) In the event of a meteorological natural phenomenon, Marina Hacienda del Mar will follow the orders of the federal authority through the port captainship. All vessels docked at the marina should be transferred to a shelter harbor or to a safe location. Later it will be informed when the boats can return to the marina.

6) Boat owners should give maintenance to their boats and keep them in floatability conditions. The bridge section and walkways should stay clean and clear; it is expressly prohibited to obstruct the way.

7) It is forbidden to make any kind of mechanical, electrical, or paint repairs while docked at the marina. For minor repairs, boat owners must have prior authorization of the marina.

8) Customers, as well as his guests and crew should have conduct themselves properly at all times. Do not consume alcoholic drinks at the dock or public areas. Drug is strictly forbidden.

9) It is forbidden to swim, ski, fish or perform any water sports in the marina area.

10) It is forbidden to dry clothing in visible areas of the marina.

11) it is forbidden to download bilges, so penalty by competent authorities, as well as agreement annulment.

12) Close and secure the boat when nobody is on board. All accessories not reported to security should be protected against loss or theft.

13) Dock access may be restricted after working hours -07:00 to 20:00 hrs., Monday through Sunday. If any customer would like to exit or enter the dock area outside this schedule, access must be requested to the security guard and the person must be identified as a client.

14) If boat oat owners’ guests wish to access the boat, they should deliver a letter that accredits them as such.

15) It is strictly forbidden to live on board. In exceptional cases, living on board may be authorized for specific periods of time, as long as the boat complies with the documentation stated by law and it doesn’t have any negative environmental or navigation consequences.

16) Pets are not allowed in the dock area; however, the marina may authorize their admission in specific cases, and under certain conditions: use of leash and devices to collect their droppings.

17) Smoking is prohibited within the marina facilities.

18) The access to the dock may be restricted to all crew if the customer presents delays in fees.


Adjustable power points are equipped with 230 and 400 V sockets which can supply up to 250 amps. A groom service is available for dockside connections. Captains are requested to reduce active power consumption to a minimum before connecting to the harbor’s network.

Wiring a plug

You must tighten the cable seal to have full waterproofing and a cable anchoring.

If these instructions are not carefully followed, the plug and the socket may heat up and set fire to the electricity supply system. Those who don’t follow these instructions are liable for any damage caused to the equipment. Our staff is at your service to help you connect your boat to shore power.